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  • A Phone Should Be Mobile

    You use your phone every day, so it shouldn’t weigh you down. The R819 is one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones in the world. And its 4.7” IPS display with amazing viewing angles offers ample space for content.

    You’ll be amazed at how much phone is packed into such a tiny frame.


    Quality Ought to be Beautiful

    The R819 was made with both function and design in mind. It was built to be comfortable to hold, easy to use, and stylish to carry.

    No other phone is so natural to hold and operate.

    • Superior Ergonomics

      Smooth, subtle curves envelop the R819. No bulk, no sharp edges, just a phone that naturally fits the shape of your hand.
    • Metallic Accents

      The thin metal border and brushed metal camera lens accents lend a stylish aesthetic to the R819.
    • Delicate Pattern

      A slight etched pattern adds a chic design and subtle elegance to the back cover of the R819.

    The Best Camera is the One You Have on Hand

    The best moments are spontaneous, unplanned, and sometimes completely unexpected. Having an R819 always by your side means always carrying a camera worthy and capable of capturing those moments.

    Great Photos in Any Light

    The wide f/2.0 aperture on the R819’s 8 megapixel Sony Exmor BSI back camera lets you shoot gorgeous photos in low light conditions. Whether you’re around a campfire or out on the town; employ HDR mode, panorama view, or smile detector to perfect every photo.

    R819 f/2.0 aperture   Regular f/2.6 aperture

    Dedicated ISP

    Equipped with its own Image Signal Processor to enhance and sharpen the color of your pictures.


    The camera on the R819 softens and removes the blurry lines that often appear when pictures are taken in harsh light.

    5 Layer Lens Coating

    The lens has multiple layers of coating, including UV and blue glass filters, to take optimal photos in any situation.

    Think Fast

    Never miss a frame with a 0.6 second shutter speed. And take up to 100 photos at 5 per second in Burst Mode.

    Fit All of Your Friends

    The 2 megapixel front-facing camera has an 88 degree lens angle that lets you capture an incredibly wide area so nothing and no one gets cut out of your shots.

    R819 88° lens

    Normal 65° lens

    Technology Should Understand You

    Tap To Wake

    When the screen is off, simply give it two gentle taps to turn it on.

    Flip Mute

    If you can’t take a call, flip the phone over to silence the ringing.

    Auto Answer

    To answer a call, just wave your hand over the screen and the call will be connected.

    Easy Stay

    The R819 knows when it’s in use, so just keep looking at the screen and it will stay bright and awake.

    Your Device – Your Choice

    Your phone is a reflection of you. The operating system you run should be too. Use the original ROM or choose from Stock Android or OPPO's ColorOS to get the experience you want.

    • ColorOS

      OPPO’s completely fresh take on Android. ColorOS is packed with unique features, multi-language support and is developed with OPPO’s fans.
    • Stock Android ROM

      Run Stock Android to get the official Android experience, the way Google originally intended it. Stock Android is a fast, clean, and smooth user experience and comes equipped with familiar Google apps such as Play Store, Gmail and Google Now.
    Long Lasting Battery The 2000 mAh battery capacity and 28 nm processor architecture hold a long lasting charge so you won’t spend all day checking the remaining battery life.
    Dual-SIM R819 has dual SIM card support so you can use two numbers at once and connect to the world on your own terms.
    FM Radio Outfitted with FM Radio, the R819 lets you tune into your favorite shows easily and conveniently.
    Dirac HD Sound Dirac HD Sound Technology give your songs the professional sound quality they deserve.
    Wi-Fi Display/DLNA Wirelessly view your content on any TV, tablet or portable device supporting Wi-Fi Display or DLNA.
    Quad-core CPU The R819 has a quad-core processor to make sure your phone runs fast at all times.