Can you be as quick as the Rapid Charger?
You have 30 seconds to show us for a chance to win a Find 7.

How to Enter

1. Download this template and print it on a piece of A4 (letter size) paper. This is your entry.

2. Record a video of yourself filling up the template with 7s starting from the bottom left corner. Check out this sample video:

3. Upload the video to YouTube with the link to the contest in the description and leave its URL for us to check out.

4. Once you’re done, upload a photo of your result to Instagram with the hashtag #VoocItUp


- A timer or stopwatch must be included in the video.

- Use a ballpoint pen.

- The “7” has to be written like in the video above.


- Application: 4-18 June, 2014 (until 23:59 @ GMT +8)

- Winner announcement: 20th June, 2014


- 1x Find 7 for the one who drew the most 7s

- 1x Find 7a for the second most 7s

If you only complete the first 4 steps in the widget you can still win one of the:

- 1x Find 7a

- 5x Bluetooth Headphones (Black or White)

- 5x Power Banks (6000mAh)

* If you manage to fill up all 98 cells with 7s in less than 30 seconds, you are allowed to use two sheets of paper. You can only use one hand and one pen while filling out the sheet. If more than one person reaches the same high score, we'll randomly pick the winner ourselves. We reserve the rights to cancel or change this contest at any given time without prior notice.

Ready? Enter by using the widget below.