Stock Android ROM Beta R819OR_130909

What is beta firmware?

Beta firmware is essentially a preview of what is to come in the next stable version of our firmware. We include all the latest changes to ColorOS as-is. As such these have undergone the least amount of testing and should be considered experimental and subject to change. We cannot guarantee the stability or safety of beta firmware. Conversely, beta firmware is your chance to give us your feedback for new features before they are added to our stable firmware.

Why do you have beta firmware?

OPPO cares a lot about the feedback our users give us. When a new feature is suggested by a user we want to get it to market quickly, so that it can be previewed to see if it matches the users original idea.

At the same time OPPO has really passionate users who help us do a final stability test of our software before we release it as stable. This helps us release more quality software to our general community of global users.

Who is beta firmware for?

Beta firmware is for those who want to live on the edge with the latest features and don't mind running into occasional problems with the software. It is for people who want to help us test and give feedback on the very latest changes.

Where do I report problems?

If you find a problem with our beta software we would love to hear from you so that we can get it fixed. We use our bug report forum for collecting all the reports.

Known Issues

  • Some parts of the system is not yet stock Android (Messages, SIM management)
  • Slower GPS lock speed
I understand and want to download the beta firmware